Due to rapidly changing environment and to reduce the impact of our footprint on the planet, Capto Sports currently manufacture 40% of its products using recycle RPET raw material and we also do number of things such as using recycle papers for sublimation printing, very minimal use of plastic bags.

Our factory uses sensor lights and energy-saving LED lights while computers, lights and other equipment are switched off at the end of the working day. We utilise a sea freight shipping option whenever possible to ensure greater efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Therefore, sustainability is at the heart of our company’s goals and we are aiming to manufacturer 100% of our products using recycle  material in next two years.

Plastic Recycling To A Ready Made Garments

Did you ever wonder what happened to your recycling once it was picked up by your local hauler? Now, you’re wearing it! “…Unifi, a global textile solutions provider and one of the world’s leading innovators in manufacturing synthetic and recycled performance fibers manufactures REPREVE®. This is the sustainable fabric behind Capto Sports

Repreve® Performance Technology | Taking Sustainability Further